GP Stories illustrate how colleges have tackled redesign challenges

Career Ladders Project offers stories illustrating how California community colleges are redesigning their programs and structures. Each college faces different challenges and opportunities, depending on a variety of factors. College leaders across the state are sharing these stories and finding them helpful in clarifying opportunities, spurring conversation, and motivating Guided Pathways redesign teams.

These one-page narratives are linked below, grouped into topics.

The GP Stories were produced by Career Ladders Project with funding from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

Including Student Voices in Guided Pathways Redesign

Integrating Student Supports in Guided Pathways Redesign

Using Data in Guided Pathways Redesign

Managing Guided Pathways redesign and Engaging the College

Mapping Programs and Meta-Majors

Integrated Career Exploration

Centering Students in GP Design