Career Pathways Mapping Toolkit

Career pathways maps clarify and align programs and services; they link increasing levels of certification, education, and employment; and they support students in choosing among the opportunities that interest them. Clear career pathways maps — and intersegmental alignment — enable more students to advance through college, attain credentials with labor market value, and earn wages that sustain their families.

What is pathway mapping and why do we do it? Click here to read more.

This toolkit is intended for community colleges, K-12 institutions, four-year colleges, and industry collaborators. It includes

  • video presentations for each step
  • slides and needed materials
  • additional resources

Five suggested steps in career pathways mapping (click each step to see details)

Step 1 - Initial mapping work - Project launch and leadership meeting
Step 2 - Pre-mapping work - K-12 and college planning meeting
Step 3 - Continuing preparation for the mapping session
Step 4 - Facilitated mapping session - includes planning next steps
Step 5 - Post-mapping work
Toolkit authors | Amal Amanda Issa and Lindsay Anglin