Sia Smith-Miyazaki, director

Sia supports colleges building their capacity to serve students more equitably and effectively. She works with colleges across California to cultivate the mindset and practices that stimulate institutional change. 

She works with cross-functional Guided Pathways teams, including administrators, faculty, students, and staff, helping them to articulate why change is needed, develop a shared vision for what change looks like, and strategically plan how they will accomplish their goals. She also designs experiential and collaborative learning opportunities for campus-wide retreats and flex days, ensuring that students and their experiences are at the center of redesign efforts. She believes that empathy for students and for one another, as college practitioners, is at the heart of lasting change. 

Before joining CLP, Sia worked for New York University Abu Dhabi in social research and public policy. For the university’s Office of Spiritual Life and Intercultural Education, she co-designed an intercultural competency training curriculum. Sia traces her passion for equity in education to her own experience as a first-generation college student and her work with after-school and summer programs for low-income children of color.

Sia attended Santa Monica College and holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Wellesley College.