Amal Amanda Issa

Lead Responsibilities:

Amal Amanda provides support and technical assistance to a number of alternative education school sites in Alameda County and statewide, with a focus on building and improving career technical pathways with integrated certifications and early college credit.

Areas of Concentration:

Amanda brings to CLP a unique teaching and leadership experience throughout K-14, including experience developing career-based dual enrollment opportunities for underserved populations, building partnerships with employers and nurturing supportive communities.

Prior Experience:

Before joining the CLP team, Amanda served as the Academy Director for a Health Pathway high school in East Oakland where she pioneered the first dual enrollment program at the high school. In partnership with Oakland Unified and Merritt College student received  training as medical assistants earning certifications to begin their careers in medicine. Amanda is currently adjunct faculty at Merritt College. With the California Community College Linked Learning Initiative, Amanda was tasked with building a Bridge to Healthcare program for youth looking to re-engage with school in hopes of continuing their education at Merritt College.

Amanda has been in education since her undergraduate years predominantly teaching science in Oakland, Emeryville and Antioch implementing work-based learning opportunities and project based learning throughout her curriculum to enhance the learning experiences of her students.

Her undergraduate degree is in Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego, where she pursued a career in medicine. She later earned a post-baccalaureate in Health Professions and a CTE Credential in Health Science and Medical Technology from UC Berkeley. Amanda holds a Master’s in Education and secondary science credential from Mills College and looks to pursue her doctoral degree in the future. She has completed fellowships at Yale University’s National Institute and Stanford University’s Hollyhock Fellowship focused on instructional practices and creating equitable opportunities in urban education, as well as teacher-led inquiry with the Mills Teacher Scholar Program..

Her passion for this work comes from her experience as a clinical assistant for California Emergency Physicians of America. While working in the Emergency Department learning from the experts to pursue her medical degree, Amanda found herself integrating her learnings into her teaching. This revelation made it clear that by bringing education and medicine together she can make greater change in the classroom than the surgical floor.