Resources for supporting Dual Enrollment and English-language learners

February 21, 2020

Career Ladders Project offers an array of resources to support dual enrollment instructors as they create classroom experiences for English-language learners and other students with specific needs.

K-12 teachers learn how to support students from special populations in their teaching credential programs, but college instructors, who are content specialists, often don’t get that kind of preparation. So these resources can address any worry they may have that they aren’t prepared to best support English-language learners.

A good way to start is by recognizing the assets that students who are English-language learners bring with them. They contribute new ways of thinking and seeing based on the additional languages they speak and the cultural competency they bring; those assets can enrich the whole class so it is important to maximize their engagement.

Instructors also can support English-language learners and other students with specific needs by providing information in a variety of modes. It’s important to note, for example, that giving students time to consider their responses to questions and actively promoting vocabulary development can benefit all students.

Check out this video, presentation and handout from CLP to get started on working with students with specific needs, including those who are learning English.

We have more resources on all aspects of creating dual enrollment partnerships — from pedagogy and classroom management to check lists for partnerships.