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— Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Challenge:  Successful Practices that Address the Underutilization of Financial Aid in Community Colleges
College Board Advocacy and Policy Center
May 2010

With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them:  Myths and Realities About Why So Many Students Fail to Finish College
Jean Johnson, John Rochkind, Amber N. Ott, and Samantha DuPont
Public Agenda

Hopes & Hurdles: California Foster Youth and College Financial Aid
Deborah Frankle Cochrane and Laura Szabo-Kubitz, The Institute for College Access and Success, October 2009

Work Less, Study More and Succeed
V. Orozco, N. K. Cauthen
September 2009

Student Financial Aid at California Community Colleges: Results from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study of 2003-04


Helping Community College Students Cope with Financial Emergencies:
Lessons from the Dreamkeepers and Angel Fund Emergency Financial Aid Programs
C. Geckeler with C. Beach, M. Pih & L. Yan
May 2008

Green Lights & Red Tape: Improving Access to Financial Aid at
California’s Community Colleges

This report focuses on policies and practices based on findings and recommendations from visits to 21colleges representing a broad cross-section of the CCC system.
D. F. Cochrane, with H. Hernández-Gravelle. R. Shireman, L. Asher, E. Irons, M. Luna De La Rosa and E. Bogan, The Institute for College Access & Success, December 2007.

Congress Expands Access to Postsecondary Education and Training for Low-Income Adults
A.Duke and J.Strawn
Center for Law and Social Policy
September 18, 2007

California Community Colleges: Making Them Stronger and More Affordable
W. Zumeta and D. Frankle
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
March 2007

Money on the Table: State Initiatives to Improve Financial Aid Participation An Achieving the Dream Policy Brief


Cashing In or Cashing Out: Tools for Measuring the Effectiveness & Outcomes of Financial Aid Events
B. Kennedy; P.M.Olivérez; W. Tierney, Ph.D.
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
February 2007

I Can Afford College


The College and Financial Aid Guide for AB540 Undocumented Immigrant Students
AB540 College Access Network
University of Southern California
October 2006

New Student Aid Changes Help Nontraditional Students
Amy-Ellen Duke and Julie Strawn
May 2006

Paying for Persistence: Early Results of a Louisiana Scholarship Program for Low-Income Parents Attending Community College
Thomas Brock and Lashawn Richburg-Hayes
May 2006

Federal Student Aid Handbooks
Information for Financial Aid Professionals (Library)