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— Career Ladders and Pathways

Pathways through College: Strategies for Improving Community College Student Success 
Bob Rath, Kathryn Rock and Ashley Laferriere
Our Piece of the Pie*, Inc.
April 2013

Issue Brief:  Career Pathways and the Hard to Employ
A. Gash and M. Mack
Social Policy Research Associates
September 2010

Funding Career Pathways and Career Pathway Bridges: A Federal Policy Toolkit for States
A. Baider, V. Choitz, A. E. Duke-Benfield, M.W.M. Foster, L. Harris, E. Lower-Basch, N.Ridley, and J. Strawn
Revised Edition, October 2010

California’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs: Meetings the demands of a 21st-century economy
October 2009

Charting a Path: An Exploration of the Statewide Career Pathway Efforts in Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin
R. P. Stephens
Seattle Jobs Institute
May 2009

Ohio Stackable Certificates: Models for Success
Community Research Partners
Prepared for Columbus State Community College Business and Industry Division
February 2008

A Cross-Case Analysis of Career Pathway Programs that Link Low-Skilled Adults to Family-Sustaining Wage Careers
D. D. Bragg, C. D. Bremer, M. Castellano, C. Kirby, A. Mavis, D. Schaad, and J. Sunderman
October 2007

State Approval Policies and Procedures for Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Programs
R. J. Merkley and G. H. Johnston
September 2007

Career Pathways: A Strategy for Transforming America’s Workforce Education Systems to Support Economic Growth
The Progress of Education Reform 2007
The Education Commission of the States
August 2007

Career and Technical Education Pathway Programs, Academic Performance, and the Transition to College and Career
N. Lekes, D. D. Bragg, J. W. Loeb, C. A. Oleksiw, J. Marszalek, M. Brooks-Laraviere, R. Zhu, C. C. Kremidas, G. Akukwe, H.-J. Lee, and L. K. Hood, NCCTE
May 2007

Building a Career Path Where There Was Just a Dead End
D. Russakoff
The Washington Post
February 2007

The Career Pathways How-To Guide
D. Jenkins and C. Spence
Workforce Strategy Center
October 2006

Career Pathways: Aligning Public Strategies to Support Individual and Regional Economic Advancement in the Knowledge Economy
D. Jenkins
Workforce Strategy Center
August 2006

Wising Up: How Government Can Partner With Business to Increase Skills and Advance Low-Wage Workers
A. E. Duke, K. Martinson, and J. Strawn
April 2006

Steps for Evaluating (and Continuously Improving) Career Pathways Programs
D.  Jenkins
December 2005

Breaking Through: Helping Low Skilled Adults Enter and Succeed in College and Careers.
M. Liebowitz and J.C. Taylor
Jobs for the Future
November 2004

Career Ladders: A Guidebook for Workforce Intermediaries
H. Prince and J. Mills
Jobs for the Future
December 2003

Building a Career Pathways System: Promising Practices in Community College-Centered Workforce Development
J. Alssid; D. Gruber; D. Jenkins; C. Mazzeo, B. Roberts, R. Stanback-Stroud
Workforce Strategy Center