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— Bridge Programs

Farther, Faster: Six Promising Programs Show How Career Pathway Bridges Help Basic Skills Students Earn Credentials that Matter
J. Strawn
August 2011

Beyond Basic Skills: State Strategies to Connect Low-Skilled Students to an Employer-Valued Postsecondary Education
M. Foster, J. Strawn, and A. E. Duke-Benfield
March 2011

Funding Career Pathways and Career Pathway Bridges: A Federal Policy Toolkit for States
A. Baider, V. Choitz, A. E. Duke-Benfield, M.W.M. Foster, L. Harris, E. Lower-Basch, N.Ridley, and J. Strawn
Revised Edition, October 2010

How to Build Bridge Programs that Fit Into A Career Pathway:
A Step-by-Step Guide Based on the Carrerras en Salud Program in Chicago

R.A. Estrada and T. DuBois
Instituto Del Progreso Latino

Promising Practices from the Chicago Bridge Training Program Pilots
Report to the Joyce Foundation
D. Jenkins and J. Kossy
January 2007

Bridges to Careers for Low-Skilled Adults: A Program Development Guide
Women Employed

Bridge Program Planning Guide
D. Jenkins
Workforce Strategy Center
May 2004

Building Bridges: Funding options for the core components of Bridge programs
W. Smith and R. Unruh
Women Employed