In May 2015, SIATech was awarded a local grant from the California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) program to create sustained career pathway programs through linking businesses, K-12 schools, and community colleges to prepare students for the 21st century workplace. The SIATech network of charter high schools partners with Job Corps to focus on dropout recovery for opportunity youth ages 16-24.

For CCPT, SIATech is focused on building the career pathways below:

  • San Jose
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • ICT/Digital Media
  • Treasure Island Job Corps
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • ICT/Digital Media)
  • Sacramento Job Corps
    • Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Tech
    • Health Care)
  • Pico Union and Boyle Heights
    • Advanced Transportation/Renewable Energy
    • Health Care)

Career Ladders Project (CLP) currently provides technical assistance on pathway development for several CCPT grantees, Career Advancement Academies (CAAs), Adult Basic Education Block Grants, and others. We work with California community colleges and their partners statewide to provide research, policy initiatives, and strategic assistance, with the goal of fostering educational and career advancement opportunities for all Californians. Given our experience in career pathways and with CCPT, we are excited to partner with SIATech to integrate best practices in pathway development as SIATech builds pathways in each of their CCPT locations and expands pathways into other SIATech locations. This work involves development of intake processes and procedures, connecting with community college partners, professional development and personalized coaching of SIATech staff on developing college and career pathways, integrated planning, and sustainability.