The Career Ladders Project works with several large-scale innovative initiatives to help build career pathways and to forge workforce development policies that address the skill needs of employers. As these initiatives mature, we work with state leadership and policy makers to promote expansion and replication of successful projects with the goal of providing opportunity for all Californians. We also identify and help to implement systemic policy changes that can better support effective practices.

Career Advancement Academies and other past projects 

Career Ladders Project collaborates with community colleges and their partners to facilitate inquiry and design of more effective, equity-minded practices. We have worked with scores of leaders across the state experimenting and developing new programs and approaches that improve student success. Here are some of our past project:

Career Advancement Academies (CAAs)

Launched in 2007, the Career Advancement Academies are designed to enable underserved Californians – typically first in their families to attend college, low-income, or from communities of color – to enroll in higher education and adjust to emerging and evolving workforce and industry needs. Specifically, CAAs aim to increase the supply of middle skill workers by targeting under-prepared young adults (ages 18-30) whose low basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics shut them out of post-secondary education and high-wage jobs. CAAs support students through a holistic set of interventions to build the foundational skills needed to complete post-secondary education and enter careers.

California Community College Linked Learning Initiative (CCCLLI)

The goal of the CCC Linked Learning Initiative is to extend the promise of Linked Learning into post-secondary education. CCCLLI aims to strengthen the connec­tions between Linked Learning High Schools and their local community colleges. Using the CA Linked Learning District Initiative as a launching point, involved partners are working to align and extend pathways into the community colleges and other post-secondary institutions.

California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT)

The Career Ladders Project provides technical assistance to a few of the awarded CCPT sites with a focus on high school to college transitioning, dual enrollment strategies, improved placement, and career pathway development. The following are the current programs CLP is supporting and partnering with:

California Counseling Network (CaCN)

California Counseling Network provides a professional forum for collaboration and innovation among counselors and student support colleagues serving students in secondary and post-secondary pathways. CaCN functions as a platform for dialogue, resource sharing, and dissemination of effective practices with the goal of strengthening the impact of counseling on students’ academic and career success. Many of the counseling collaboratives are fostering partnerships to improve intersegmental alignment which support transitions from high school to career. Expertise and collaboration from counseling and student-direct support systems are useful resources for all initiatives.

Design it-Build it-Ship it (DBS)

Design it – Build it – Ship it (DBS) was a 4-year, $14.9 million U.S. Department of Labor-funded initiative in the East Bay under the Obama Administration’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) program.

San Mateo County Community College District Initiative (SMCCCD)

Career Ladders Project (CLP) works closely with the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) and the three SMCCCD colleges, Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College, to support the District’s strategic goals to improve student experience and college completion. SMCCCD colleges are focused on three major strategies and reforms:  1) more accurately placing students in English and math with the use of multiple measures, 2) improving early college experience by increasing early credit offerings and 3) offering courses and programs in a more structured and coherent manner.

SAP Oakland Unified School District & Berkeley City College ICT/Digital Media Pathway

Career Ladders Project is honored to build upon our existing relationships with Oakland Unified School District and Berkeley City College with an innovative grant from SAP to collaboratively plan and pilot the first west coast SAP 9-14 Information Communications Technology (ICT)/Digital Media Pathway. SAP seeks to develop critical talent for the sector, particularly to increase underrepresented student participation and success. In addition to partnership and resources, SAP has co-designed with K-14 faculty and staff the development of an innovative virtual mentoring and work-based learning platform with non-profit iCouldbe.

Bay Area Manufacturing Renaissance Council (BAMRC)

Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative (BAWFC)

Community College Pathways for Former Foster Youth (CCP)

Concurrent Courses Initiative (CCI)

California Gateway Project (Gateway)

Green Transportation Collaborative (GTC)

Information Communication Technologies Study (ICTS)

Linking Afterschool Employment to Careers

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