Policy and Systems Change

The Career Ladders Project works with the California Community College system and its partners, as well as legislative bodies and other partnering organizations to support policies that increase student success and access. CLP informs policy and systems change in state law and CCC system regulations and budget, but also works at local levels to facilitate changes in college and district policies. CLP is dedicated to identifying ways to institutionalize and sustain systems change beyond one initiative, effort or set of actors.

Some key issues:

  • Policy and systems change at the college, district, system and state levels
    • Translating effective practice into policy; removing barriers to effective practice
    • Crafting local, system and state policies that support, sustain and institutionalize effective, evidence based practice
    • Frameworks of effective practice
    • Integrating planning and initiatives into overall coherence
    • Institutional redesign
    • Providing expertise to agencies, legislature and other policy makers re: effective practice and policy
  • Scaling effective practice for all students
  • Improving student success across segments, across systems, across sectors
  • Partnerships with agencies, organizations and other reform minded partners (to support and move a policy agenda).

Some of the key policy initiatives and efforts:

Key Content areas CLP is currently working on:

  • Early College Credit/Dual enrollment
  • Reducing remediation and accelerating student progress/completion
    • Improved placement
    • Acceleration
    • Math policies
    • Contextualized teaching and learning
  • Supporting equitable student outcomes and success
  • Integrated planning and institutional redesign
  • Pathway development and redesign (including Guided Pathways)
  • Transition from high school and adult ed to college
  • K16 collaboration and alignment