Student Supports

In pursuit of equity, CLP collaborates with colleges to reimagine how to support community college students and smooth their journey to college success and completion of certificates, degrees, and transfers.

We facilitate exchanges of ideas, gather resources, and support colleges by:

  • working directly with colleges and districts undertaking reform, surfacing their emerging practices, challenges, and solutions;
  • hosting networks and partnerships to support college counselors and advisors across California and nurture work at the leading edge of student-centered redesign; and 
  • convening practitioners and leaders in small and large groups to support change and disseminate innovations.  

Effective student supports increase student success

Counselors, advisors, affinity groups, learning communities, and other student support services play a key role in students’ transition to college, their ability to stay in college, and their completion of certificates, degrees, and transfers. 

CLP works with counselors and student support services professionals on initiatives to integrate student supports into all aspects of the student experience with the goal of improving educational and career outcomes for students across postsecondary education.  

In this webinar, CLP senior director Luis Chavez talks with Kathleen White, coordinator of the teacher education program at City College of San Francisco, about the integral role of community college counselors in student success.