New Green Transportation Collaborative Video

May 10, 2012

Led by Skyline College in partnership with Contra Costa College, Long Beach City College and the Automobile Services Councils of California, GTC brought together automotive faculty, industry and workforce leaders to develop hybrid and electric vehicle repair training programs, improve automotive career pathway design, and train individuals for entry level and advancement in green transportation technology careers.

This brief new video highlights accomplishments, challenges and design of the statewide collaborative, including:

· Building on the CA Community Colleges’ CAA statewide demonstration project, GTC built an on-ramp to a full automotive career pathway, integrating foundational academic with technical skills.

· Skyline faculty have redesigned their auto program with flexible modular options aligned with ASE certifications, allowing students to advance their careers and “stack” successive levels of certificates toward an Associate degree and beyond.

· GTC partners are building the diverse, skilled workforce needed by automotive service employers to repair the growing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles expected on California roads.

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