LearningWorks’ Policy Brief on Rethinking Basic Skills Education in CA

March 20, 2012

“California’s future prosperity and competitiveness depends to an important degree on our ability to increase the share of basic skills students who attain a community college degree or certificate and/or transfer to and graduate from a four-year institution. The danger, as we make framing decisions about basic skills education, is that we beggar our future both by underfunding the system and by failing to learn the lessons of recent practice and research about what works and what doesn’t.”

Rethinking Basic Skills Education in California: Principles for Policymakers

LearningWorks has released a new brief, Rethinking Basic Skills Education in California: Principles for Policymakers, that addresses basic skills education in the California Community College and Adult Education systems and offers system and policy recommendations.

Barbara Baran, a senior partner at Workforce Learning Strategies and member of the Executive Committee of the California EDGE Campaign, prepared this brief on behalf of LearningWorks.

To download the brief click here.

For more information on LearningWorks, visit their website at  www.learningworksca.org.