HIP – National Definitions & Frameworks

Career Pathways Toolkit: Six Key Elements for Success

 The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Framework Version 1.0

Career Pathways National Catalog of Toolkits
Released Fall 2013, an interactive website that allows searches by topic:

Defining a Performance Measurement System for Career Pathways
M. Negoita and K. Dunham
Social Policy Research Associates
June 2013 

Pathway Design Principles
Completion By Design
March 2012 

RISE Career Pathways
March 2008, April 2009, September 2010, March 2011

Funding Career Pathways and Career Pathway Bridges: A Federal Policy Toolkit for States
A. Baider, V. Choitz, A. E. Duke-Benfield, M.W.M. Foster, L. Harris, E. Lower-Basch, N. Ridley, and J. Strawn
Revised Edition, October 2010

Portland Career Pathways
Workforce Strategy Inc.
April 2005