Information Communication Technologies Study (ICTS)

This study represents a unique partnership among three organizations — AT&T, the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI), and the Career Ladders Project (CLP) — who share a core commitment to enlarging opportunities for diverse Californians, especially among populations historically underrepresented in the ICT workforce. The study focuses on strategies to increase Latino and African-American representation in ICT careers.

ICT is the umbrella term that encompasses everything related to computing, software, information, networking and communications technologies. This study focuses on entry and middle-level ICT careers with an interest in increasing diversity and highlighting potential pathways of growth. The information gathered through this study proves to be valuable for California’s employers, enabling them to plan for their future workforce, develop potential partnerships with educational institutions, and inform their approach to education and training in this sector. The findings in the study include themes related to the central importance of career knowledge, applied learning, structured programs and navigation support to increase pursuit and attainment of ICT career goals among Latinos and African-Americans. The study identifies the critical role of collaboration in the development of ICT industry informed career pathway strategies.

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AT&T provided funding to the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion for the research study, recognizing the LICI’s role as a Latino diversity advocate and partner with corporate America. In carrying out the research, the LICI partnered with the Career Ladders Project, leveraging CLP’s expertise across educational and workforce systems to explore the challenges to diversification in the ICT sector and the potential for systems change.


About the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion

The mission of the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI) is to promote and advance the role of Latinos in the future growth of Corporate America by establishing cooperative partnerships. LICI has over 24 years of experience as a Latino advocacy organization in California. Its founders include national leaders on issues involving Latino Veterans affairs, leaders from the Latino business community, Executives focused on Latino students and their families, Latino educators, and Leaders of Latino community based organizations. LICI has alliances with other Latino businesses, professional and community based organizations and extensive experience in addressing workforce needs from both employer and employee perspectives.

For more information on LICI visit their website at: www.latinoinclusion.org


About the Career Ladders Project

The Career Ladders Project (CLP) was established in 2001 by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges to address under‐served populations and ensure their access to postsecondary career pathways that meet regional and statewide labor force needs. CLP works in partnership with California Community Colleges statewide to provide educational and career advancement opportunities for all Californians. CLP fosters these opportunities through research, policy initiatives, and strategic assistance to colleges and their workforce development partners.