Health Career Pathways at California’s Community Colleges

December 15, 2016

On December the 1st, Linda Collins, executive director of The Career Ladders Project, joined a panel discussion on Health Career Pathways at California’s Community Colleges. The event was hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California and included a summary of the findings from two recently released briefs. Video of the event is available below.

State policymakers looking to improve economic mobility and meet workforce needs have renewed their focus on career technical (or vocational) education. Health careers are of particular interest because many health jobs pay well and colleges already offer a wide range of programs and credentials. PPIC researcher Shannon McConville outlines findings from two new reports, and a panel of experts will spoke about the role of the state’s community colleges in providing health training pathways and economic opportunities to a diverse group of Californians.

This research was supported with funding from the ECMC Foundation and the Sutton Family Fund.

For more information on the event please visit the Public Policy Institute of California.