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Career Advancement Academies: Lessons for Equity in Guided Pathways

December 5th 2018 - Featured, News Release

The Career Advancement Academies at more than 30 California community colleges offer concrete examples of how to ensure equity for all students, and a new report from Career Ladders Project and Equal Measure outlines how they can be applied in Guided Pathways reforms. Established in 2007, with state funding and with technical assistance from CLP, the Career […]

The Dual Enrollment Landscape in California

October 11th 2018 - Featured, News Release

Students who participate in dual enrollment at a community college during high school are more likely to graduate and enter college, and they’re more likely to complete a certificate, degree, or transfer. And the students who are most underrepresented in community colleges — young men of color, students from low-income families, and students who are first in their families to attend college — often benefit the most. But California has not […]

The Dual Enrollment Game

September 27th 2018 - Featured, News Release

Research shows that high school students who take community college courses through dual enrollment get better grades in high school and are more likely to enter and stay in college — and attain a degree or a certificate. The object of the game is to earn college credit. Taking the role of students, players make […]

Guided Pathways as a Framework for Integrating Student Success Efforts: A Case Study of Three California Community Colleges

September 12th 2018 - Featured, News Release

A new CLP brief explores how colleges can use Guided Pathways to bring together innovation, people, and resources across initiatives. It highlights the stories of three California community colleges that have worked to intentionally align different initiatives and have utilized Guided Pathways design principles to focus integrated planning efforts. This brief argues that guided pathways […]