Dual Enrollment Student Voice: Set Up for College Success

August 30, 2022
As a junior at Esteban E. Torres High School in East Los Angeles, Melisa Osuna didn’t know what to expect from her first college experience, a Chicano Studies dual enrollment class offered by East Los Angeles College. What she discovered was a welcoming, engaging classroom experience that got her ... Read More

Register for SSSC Post-conference Workshops: Equitable Counseling and the Impact of Dual Enrollment

August 26, 2022
CLP is leading two post-conference workshops at the upcoming Strengthening Student Success Conference in Garden Grove. One focuses on equitable counseling and the other on the impact of dual enrollment. Workshops meet on Friday, October 7, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Continental breakfast is included. Re... Read More

Tools for Redesigning Transitions in Guided Pathways

April 27, 2022
Community colleges serve students from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences and resources. Although colleges may have clear onboarding support mechanisms for students graduating from local high schools, more systems design might be needed to provide that same support for students coming to th... Read More

Students Speak Out for Dual Enrollment

April 26, 2022
“The benefits from dual enrollment are amazing. It has helped me boost my confidence, being more responsible, and helped me in high school. I also loved it because it treated me like an adult while I was in high school,” said Lina Iboa Orozco in her testimony before the Assembly Higher Education... Read More

Community Foundations Team Up to Expand Equitable Dual Enrollment in the Central Valley

March 29, 2022
As California has moved in recent years to strengthen and expand dual enrollment, a group of community foundations in the Central Valley has been at the forefront of developing a broad, regional approach to support dual enrollment as a high-leverage strategy to increase equitable postsecondary attai... Read More

GP Webinar: Active and Applied Learning

December 21, 2021
At the December 16 webinar, practitioners from Chaffey College and Mt. San Jacinto College shared how they have embedded employability skills and badging in programs across the college—including CTE and non-CTE—and in student support services. Presenters Megan Basgall, Career Education Counselor... Read More

Lessons from the Pandemic: Implementing Systemic Changes in Counseling and Student Services

December 6, 2021
Recordings and resources from the fall 2021 series of six webinars on redesigning student services and implementing systemic changes are available below. September 15. Successful Student Entry: Addressing & Supporting Student Needs As colleges “re-open”—returning in-person and via hybrid m... Read More

Breaking Down Barriers to Support Black Students

November 17, 2021
An “acceleration, not remediation” approach has led to remarkable success for Black students in the early college program at Mount Miguel High School. Dr. Mark Jeffers, Matador Early College Program (MEC) coordinator, presented “Black Student Success in Dual Enrollment: A Case Study,” at the... Read More

Expanding Equitable Dual Enrollment in the Bay Area

September 24, 2021
Five college-high school partnership sites in the San Francisco Bay Area will be working to expand dual enrollment opportunities for students who are low-income or are from Black, Latinx, or indigenous communities. The partnership sites, which include Berkeley City College, City College of San Franc... Read More

Dual Enrollment: Lessons from a Year Online

May 25, 2021
It’s been a year since CLP launched the webinar series Problem-Solving: Moving Dual Enrollment Online. Since then, practitioners have come up with creative ways to support students in this challenging environment: College specialists who help students apply, enroll and make sure they’re up and r... Read More