Building Careers in the Cloud

In partnership with the California Cloud Workforce Project Consortium, CLP developed two briefs describing elements of success and lessons learned in the development of a regional cloud computing pathway in the greater Los Angeles area.

The California Cloud Workforce Project, which is led by Santa Monica College and anchored by the 19 LA area colleges and their partner high schools, also includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Educate along with multiple technology employers, the LA County Office of Education, the Center for a Competitive Workforce, the LA Economic Development Corporation, and Career Ladders Project.

Regional curriculum is unusual in the California community colleges, but faculty in the cloud computing project pioneered a collaborative and transparent approach to developing a common curriculum and set of offerings to prepare students for careers in the growing, well-paying cloud computing sector. Below are links to download the briefs and other resources including a program outline and recordings from virtual events.

studentsCLP Briefs

Cloud Computing Program Outline

The California Cloud Workforce Project developed a regional curriculum that aligned with competencies from industry, easing the curriculum adoption process. The project team developed the Cloud Computing Program Outline, which was used as a reference for faculty at the 19 colleges as they enlisted into the program, depending on the level of implementation at their respective college. The outline includes:

  • The course outline of record for each of the four course sequences in the program and their respective TOP codes
  • Labor market information about cloud computing occupations in the Los Angeles/Orange County region
  • The funding proposal to the California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Program
  • Additional project handouts and resources

Cloud Computing Program Events

  • Regional Cloud Day 2020 (agenda with links to recordings). At this virtual event, students heard from industry leaders about cloud computing careers. Participants learned how to prepare for upcoming certifications, interviews, job applications, and the different career paths within the cloud computing sector. Breakout session topics included: Amazon Web Services, Alexa Skills, AWS Deep Racer, Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, and Cloud Career Preparedness.
  • Cloud Init – Cloud Welcome Day (link to recording). This regional outreach virtual event was convened to assist in enrollment and orientation for new students. Participants heard from alumni who shared their experiences as students in the program, explained the process for obtaining certifications, and talked about their employment experiences and the interesting projects they were working on.

CLP’s support for the California Cloud Workforce Project and the development of the briefs was funded by Santa Monica College using a grant from the Los Angeles Orange County Regional Consortium through CCCCO Strong Workforce Program funds.