Building a Workforce Ecosystem for the Cloud

May 17, 2022

publication cover page“The high points from the partnership are more than the program. We have the opportunity to change lives.“ This is one of the impacts of the award-winning cloud computing partnership between Miami Dade College (MDC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as described by Antonio Delgado, Vice President of Innovation and Technology Partnerships at MDC.

Recognized by AACC with the 2022 award of excellence for an outstanding college/corporate partnership, MDC and AWS have developed a sustainable workforce development model that is opening doors for students, meeting the needs of local employers, and supporting economic and civic vitality by building local talent. CLP profiled this partnership in a series of three publications:

Building a Vibrant Ecosystem for the Cloud describes how MDC and AWS worked together to create a vibrant workforce ecosystem in which the entire community benefits. Local businesses gain a highly-skilled workforce and local residents earn vital skills and certifications and are launched into high-demand cloud computing careers.

Bridging Education and Career in the Cloud relates how MDC faculty and AWS worked collaboratively to design a program that keeps up with the rapidly-changing cloud computing sector, includes work-based learning opportunities, and serves the diverse needs of students at different points in their career trajectories.

Launching Students into High-Demand Cloud Careers describes how the MDC and AWS partnership goes beyond simply providing training. Many students in the largely immigrant and low-income communities of Miami face significant obstacles trying to break into the tech sector–students often lack resources of time, financial support, or large professional networks. MDC and AWS have intentionally designed the program to support students in overcoming such barriers. The program helps students gain direct, relevant experience with the cloud computing industry and develop meaningful connections with potential employers. The program also works with local employers to reorient their education and experience requirements for entry-level positions toward a skills-based approach.

The California Cloud Workforce Project offers a local example of a program partnership in the fast-growing cloud computing sector. Developed by a consortium of 19 Los Angeles community colleges and their partner high schools, this regional cloud computing pathway extends into high school dual enrollment and culminates in industry certifications and employment preparation. CLP profiled their effort in two briefs on Building Careers in the Cloud.