Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME) Summit

February 4, 2014

The CAREER LADDERS PROJECT will host a statewide Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME) Summit on Wednesday, February 5, 2013 in Los Angeles. The Summit will bring together key industry partners, select Linked Learning high school districts, and Linked Learning community colleges to discuss the skilled workforce needed in the current and emerging Arts, Media and Entertainment field.

From an education and workforce perspective, a clear need exists to create an exchange to effectively align labor demand with labor supply. The Career Ladders Project is convening a select group of employers and educators to focus on the following Summit outcomes:

1. Increase awareness across employers and educators to explore:

a. Trends in entry- and mid-level jobs

b. Knowledge and skill sets of two-year community college students to meet hiring needs

2. Create deeper public/private partnerships to identify:

a. Just-in-time industry expertise informing course content and program design

b. Creative opportunities for partnership and pilot efforts

3. Identify specific career pathways that are most conducive for advancement, so that:

a. Entry-level workers with ongoing education and training advance within their field

b. Internship and field work are relevant and recognized by employers
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