— Guided Pathways

Colleges nationwide are clustering related certificates and degrees together with aligned and integrated academic and social supports to create more coherent programs of study – frequently referred to as guided pathways – that not only support retention and persistence, but anticipate the demands of employment and continuing educational goals. In a guided pathways approach, support services and instruction are closely aligned and designed to help all students:

  • Explore and clarify their career and educational goals
  • Choose pathways that will help them achieve their goals
  • Persist in college
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that advance their education and skills

CLP works closely with individual colleges and across college districts and K16 educational systems (high school, community college and 4-year colleges) to design and facilitate learning, implementation, and evaluation processes for guided pathways practices. CLP supports community colleges and their partners through their own unique pathways development, helping build their capacity to conceptualize, create buy-in for and implement full-scale, evidence-based institutional redesign. Steps can include:

  • Identify and build capacity of cross-disciplinary design teams (administrators, instructional faculty, counseling faculty and staff)
  • Develop prototypes, map pathways and integrate student support services
  • Coordinate site visits peer-to-peer connections with leading national guided pathways institutions
  • Analyze data, present data visualizations on current course sequences/program requirements and students’ progression along programs of study to inform faculty discussions and redesign.
  • Listen to and include students through conducting focus groups to better understand barriers in choosing a program of study, enrolling and completing on time.
  • Communicate effectively internally among administrators, faculty, staff and students.
  • Develop marketing/outreach/navigation materials or systems reflecting new college approaches and structure
  • Work with leadership teams to strategize inclusive and focused design processes that are tailored to institutional goals and culture and inspired by evidence and successful models

Current college partners in guided pathway exploration or implementation: