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Bringing Student Voices to Guided Pathways Inquiry and Design: Findings from Student Focus Groups at Two California Community Colleges
Mina Dadgar, Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Dina Buck, Brook Sinclair, Chase Fischerhall, and Kenly Brown
Orange County K-14 Career Pathways: Reimagining the Role of Counselors in Supporting Student College and Career Success
Prepared by Career Ladders Project and SB 1070 Career Pathways
Big Ideas in Workforce Innovation: A Three Part Series
Prepared by Career Ladders Project for the California Workforce Development Board
May 2017
Building Bridges to College and Careers Through Public Education and Workforce System Collaboration: Lessons from California’s Youth Manufacturing Skills Pilot
Prepared by Career Ladders Project for the California Workforce Development Board
October 2016
Career Advancement Academies: Insights into Contextualized Teaching and Learning
Prepared by the Career Ladders Project and Equal Measure
March 2016
Establishing Patient/Health Navigator Programs for Education, Employment and Career Advancement: A California Community College Case Study
Prepared by the Career Ladders Project for the Asian Americans for Community Involvement
August 2015
Crossing Boundaries to Develop Effective Pathways: Career Pathway Development Across Ten East Bay Community Colleges
IMPAQ International LLC and Career Ladders Project
May 2015
College to Career Pathways:  Getting From Here to There on the Roadmap for a Stronger California Economy
Background Paper, CA Community Colleges Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy
Career Ladders Project and Jobs for the Future
April 2015
Placed for Success: How California Community Colleges Can Improve Accuracy of Placement in English and Math Courses, Reduce Remediation Rates and Improve Student Success
Mina Dadgar, Linda Collins and Kathleen Schaefer
March 2015
Information Communication Technologies Study
Career Ladders Project and the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI)