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Webinar on Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment

August 31st 2012 - News Release

YOU’RE INVITED TO A WEBINAR ON Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment Reaching Underachieving and Underrepresented Students with Career-Focused Programs This free webinar features the results of a three-year study showing that career-focused dual enrollment programs can provide important benefits for disadvantaged students. Register today to learn recommendations for policymakers and dual enrollment practitioners, and to interact […]

California Skills Gap Spurs Community College ‘Career Pathways’ Job Training

August 3rd 2012 - News Release

“California already has some career-pathways programs, which are supposed to change ‘the way in which we approach students who have basic skills needs, or who are not quite college ready, but who with the right support could be there very quickly.’ “ A new Huffington Post article highlights the role of California community colleges in […]

The Stuart Foundation is Hiring

August 3rd 2012 - News Release

The Stuart Foundation is seeking a Senior Program Officer for Foster Youth College Access and Success. The Senior Program Officer is a member of the Child Welfare Team and works in close collaboration with the Child Welfare Director to implement the activities necessary to achieve the vision, direction and intended impact of the child welfare program. The position plays a connective, collaborative […]

Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment

July 26th 2012 - News Release

“The Concurrent Courses initiative has laid a foundation for strengthening the high school to college transition. In just three years, partnerships implemented and enhanced programs that provided college exploration and dual enrollment offerings to California students who had not previously had those opportunities.” Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment Reaching Underachieving and Underrepresented Students with Career-Focused Programs A […]

CLP is Hiring!

June 15th 2012 - News Release

The Career Ladders Project (CLP) is seeking two Program Assistants who will provide quality administrative and logistical support to advance educational program and operational goals. Both positions are based in the Career Ladders Project office in Oakland, CA. To read the full job description, click here.

New Green Transportation Collaborative Video

May 10th 2012 - News Release

Led by Skyline College in partnership with Contra Costa College, Long Beach City College and the Automobile Services Councils of California, GTC brought together automotive faculty, industry and workforce leaders to develop hybrid and electric vehicle repair training programs, improve automotive career pathway design, and train individuals for entry level and advancement in green transportation technology careers. This brief new video […]

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Workshop for Faculty

April 19th 2012 - News Release

Skyline College is hosting a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Workshop for faculty, June 15 – 22 and June 25 – 29.  The workshop is designed to enable CCC faculty and other educators to step out of the classroom and into practical H/EV field work through hands-on experience and training with the most recent diagnostic […]

UC Davis Scholarship Announcement

April 10th 2012 - News Release

CLP is assisting UC Davis  in announcing this exciting scholarship opportunity for their Teacher Credentialing Program. Click here to see the announcement with more information.  

El Camino College’s Welding CAA Featured

April 4th 2012 - News Release

HAWTHORNE COMMUNITY TELEVISION CH. 22 featured El Camino College’s Welding Career Advancement Academy. Click the link below to see the video: El Camino College Career Advancement Academy

CLP to lead California College Pathways

April 4th 2012 - News Release

The Stuart and Walter S. Johnson Foundations have asked the Career Ladders Project to step in on an interim basis to provide leadership and technical assistance for California College Pathways. Click here to read the letter from the Foundations. To learn more, visit the California College Pathways website: www.cacollegepathways.org